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Embracing the Future: Air Source Heat Pumps and the Evolution of Heating in the UK
Discover the future of home heating with Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs). Learn how these sustainable and energy-efficient systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, reducing carbon emissions and saving on energy costs. Find out how gas engineers can prepare for this transition and embrace renewable technologies. Explore the benefits of ASHPs and their role in achieving a greener and more sustainable future.
(0) BBS 90th Anniversary Charity Match

Last Friday BBS kicked off their 90th anniversary celebrations with a Charity Football Match at Ashton Gate Stadium, raising money for our friends at Skemers Boxing Gym, a local CiC based in Knowle, Bristol.

We had a fantastic evening of football boosted by the weather and the enthusiasm of the ...

Branded Versus Unbranded Soil Pipe

If you regularly use and buy soil pipe and the associated fittings, you may also have considered buying cheaper unbranded soil pipe online. While this may be tempting, there are several reasons why branded soil pipe is a better choice in the long run.

1)            Branded soil pipes are ge...

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